frequently asked question

Is Fastus Easy to Operate?
Yes, it's almost child's play, with basic features mastered in no time. Control daily routine events such as lighting, security, temperature control and your irrigation systems with the click of a button.

Can the system be operated via telephone or internet?
Yes, you can even program your system to notify you of activities happening at home while you are away. Video Surveillance via your PC or smart phone allows you to see what is happening in and around your home, no matter where you are.

Will I be able to expand the system at a later stage?
Yes, you can customize your home automation system as per your needs. Upgrade your home automation system with products like, touch screens, remotes, audio and home theater controls, sensors and actuators.

What will be the costs involved?
Costs vary depending on your needs and size of your home. With Fastus automation, your home values more than ever, even with the economical startup package that suits your pocket.

An entry level system is affordable. You can upgrade by adding additional features when you wish to.

Easy to Operate
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